Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Don't Go!!

So this weekend is one of the most anticipated and hyped-up weekends for all fellow badgers: Mifflin. At the end of each spring semester, Wisconsin students go wild and have their last celebration before finals start. The festivities occur on Mifflin street. This is the one time of year where the campus is united through this one particular event and parties hard. Well according to the Dean and the police, us badgers like to party a little bit TOO hard and has been posting potential risks about attending "Mifflin." As we have been discussing this week about utilizing social media to organize protest,  the Dean has been using social media in a similar manner by protesting for students to not attend Mifflin. Dean Lori Berquam posted a viral video warning students not to go to Mifflin. Her main advice was "Don't Go. Just Don't Go." Students went crazy over this video. Many found it to be humorous while some found it actually alarming and took it seriously. Today, the dean sent out e-mail regarding Mifflin again and continues to warn the students not to attend. She wrote, "By now, I'm sure you've probably heard my feelings about May 5thMifflin Street block party. Or seen the autotune or dubstep remixes." I got a kick out of the last part " the dubstep remixes." This video has been a huge hit on campus and I feel its popularity is  all for the wrong reasons. Students have gone to such extreme measures of mockery that some have created Mifflin T-Shirts with the Dean's face on it from the video and says "Don't Go" on it. As we question  social media's strength of  reforming change and as a forum for organizing events and protest, is the Dean's message actually effective!? Are students just going to retaliate back and go to Mifflin despite the risk of getting in trouble with the police!? I guess we will find out more after this weekend!

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