Sunday, April 15, 2012


For all of those who have had iPhones ( and now available for Androids) are familiar with one of the most popular apps: Instagram. Before I had the iPhone, I used to have an Android and was quite envious of all the Instagram users. As for those who are unfamiliar with Instagram, Instagram is kind of like Twitter but for pictures. It allows you to take pictures or upload other pictures from your phone, edit them in several different filters and post them for others to see.  Like Twitter, you can follow your friends' or celebrities' Instagram accounts and they can follow you back. You can leave comments on pictures as well. With Instagram, you are given the option to save the Instagram to your smartphone, upload it to Facebook or Twitter, E-mail it etc. I personally love Instagram and addicted to it. Every time I am out somewhere and I see something "Instagram Worthy," I whip out my iPhone, take a snapshot, go to Instgram, choose the best looking effect and wait for at least one of my friends to like the photo.

Recently, Facebook just bought Instagram for a whopping $1 BILLION BUCKS!! Some critics think this will be a great way to keep enhancing the photo sharing phenomena  that Facebook is notorious for. While others fear that this is another way for Facebook to keep building their dominance. For starters, Instagram is free to download,  so $1 billion is huge amount of money for something that is free for all users.  What do you all think about this investment? Is this going to make the app even better for users or do you think Facebook is just conquering a competitive app so that they can to remain on top?!

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