Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hot Problems??

I am an avid YouTube user, and in the past week or so, reactions to a certain video have been everywhere. However, this video is one of the worst  I have ever seen. The video is called "Hot Problems," and consists of two teen girls from LA "singing" about the toils and turmoil of supposedly being attractive. The duo, who call themselves Double Take, have been dubbed the new Rebecca Black by many Internet dwellers, and "Hot Problems" is being called the worst song ever by ABC News. Even though it's so terrible, the video has 9,832,471 views, 448,109 of which gave it a thumbs down. 

The Internet fury ignited by the video has once again brought up the topic of cyber bullying, as was the case with Rebecca Black and "Friday." However, I myself find it difficult to express any type of sympathy for these girls. Being members of a media fluent generation, these girls most definitely know what happens to teens who post these kinds of videos. What else would motivate them to make such a thing but attention? These girls knew the consequences of such a post, but most likely saw the potential five minutes of fame as well worth the hate. 

What's your opinion? Did Double Take deserve the backlash they received for their song? Or are they being too harshly criticized for a little teenaged fun? Let me know in the comments.


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