Sunday, April 29, 2012

What's Popular??

One of the main ideas we are trying to get in this blog, is to show how new media has changed society in a whole new way.  What is important or "trending" on social websites each week may or may not have connection to what is important in the newspapers that week.  to show this, I have been watching what has been trending on Twitter this week, what people have been posting about on Facebook, and what has been popular in the Wall Street Journal and other news sites.
     This week, Twitter has had many trends as usual everyday but I've been watching for trends that are Madison specific as well.  Some of these trends include the draft, the Dean of Students and Mifflin.  On Facebook, all anyone has been talking about since it came out is the Dean of Student's message to the students on behalf of Mifflin.  There has been re post upon re post of the video itself, and then of course thousands of videos and memes made because of the video.
     In contrast to these things that seem to have been important to those of us who are obsessed with social media, the rest of society has been concerned with other things.  There is one thing that I saw which connected across social media and the news which was the draft.  Other than that, what has been important to the rest of society rests in recent politics, earthquakes in California, international news, and recent unfortunate events which have left some killed.  As you can see, what is important to society in the news is much more centered around the well being of everyone, and what should be important to all Americans.  On the other hand, social media trends are generally centered around raising awareness.  Whether that awareness is something that is funny, or something serious, trends are a way of spreading the word.
     Social media and everyday news can both differ and connect in some ways.  They can sometimes fight against each other, and other times work together.  The main idea here, is that they are different and will remain different, and this difference has effected society.  The effect is neither good or bad, but is has made an impact on all of us, especially those of our generation.

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