Sunday, April 1, 2012

Political Ads Adapt

With the Republican primary on Tuesday, political advertisements are inevitable. Though this primary seems to be changing it up a bit. As more people avoid television ads with DVR or traditional television altogether with online streaming, some candidates are adjusting their strategies to help adapt to the new ways many are now using media. Mitt Romney has decided to deal with the issue of reaching the largest possible audience by putting ads on Web browsers along with usual TV ads. There will be two Romney ads on the browsers. With this, Romney and his team may be able to use the Internet as a helpful boost to their campaign.

I thought this was very interesting because candidates seem to be also adapting to the new lifestyles of our generation. With more people watching television online, I thought that many of us would be able to escape political ads. I've seen a few of them online but not a memorable amount. It appears that candidates are willing to develop new strategies to get our attention. With the Internet being so complex and hard to manipulate, candidates have a long way to go before being able to use it to reach as many users as efficiently as possible. I think they are on the right track though.


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