Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Could Life Exist Without E-Mailing?!

So for our online assignment this week, we were instructed to find an article that has yet to be digitized. Personally, I thought it was going to be impossible to find something since it seems like every text can be found online. However, I found an article titled "E-Mail Ascendant on Campus"that was written in 1994. Considering the article was written in 1994, this article focuses on the beginning of the E-Mailing system and how it has become a popular trend on college campuses. 8 years later, it is amazing to think how  E-Mailing has become the norm for college campuses. When applying here at UW-Madison, one of the first procedures is to create an E-Mail account. University E-Mail accounts have become so crucial for students. It has become the prime way of communicating with professors and more importantly a way to reach out to other students on campus. If I do not catch up on reading my E-Mails, I could miss out on important information for classes or even miss an E-Mail from a professor saying that class has been canceled (rare but always the best feeling when receiving them).
 Every single student in this university is searchable; if you need to send a fellow student notes or get together for a project but do not have their phone numbers, all you have to do is simply type in their name and their email pops up. As we compare old media with new media, it seems that  E-Mailing has become the most efficient and instant form of communication between students and professors. If students aren't E-Mailing their professors questions, what other alternative method are they using to reach their professors?! Sure they might come during the professor's  office hours and ask in person the question. But if a student goes to meet with a professor and the professor is not there, the next measure would be to either E-Mail the professor letting them know you tried making the office hours or waiting until the class meets next. My question for you all to think about is, how would our university function without an E-Mailing system?!  Do you think society could go back to a E-Mail free world?

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  1. Because of the world we have grown up in, I don't think that we could every go back to an email free world. Additionally, I don't think that the university could function without an emailing system. People today wouldn't know any other form of communication that was as quick and easy to get in contact with their professors and peers. Email lets us do so many things that other technologies can't, which makes it a crucial part of college life.